Med-Co Diabetic Supplies focuses and gives considerable attention to helping all customers effectively manage their diabetes. We provide top quality brand name glucose monitor kits, glucose test strips, lancets, control solutions, insulin syringes and much more. As part of our commitment, we strive to help insured and uninsured patients with diabetes self-manage some of the economic challenges that patients face without health coverage.

Our superior customer service staff is trained to answer all your questions about products, service, and shipping. Our knowledgeable staff is available through Email, Phone and office hours Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. Med-Co is dedicated to providing recipients with the best service possible, by offering a hassle-free way to receiving diabetic supplies delivered directly to your door.

Diabetes affects many lives; almost every person who isn’t diabetic knows someone who is. We here at Med-Co have joined the fight against diabetes in the community and nationally to help find a cure. We are a proud supporter of the American Diabetes Association, and we support countless efforts through health fairs, fundraisers, and other community events.

Since 2002 Med-Co has been delivering a promise to provide a quality product to our customers at affordable prices and fast shipping. We are a participating Medicare / Medicaid and most other Insurance Providers. We work hard at earning and keeping our customers loyalty and confidence, with a personal touch that makes a difference.

Michael Gilliam, President / General Manager